The Great Sacandaga Lake Advisory Council (GSLAC)

We fund projects that make Great Sacandaga Lake even better.

The GSLAC empowers educators, business owners, and other local leaders to make a more impactful difference.

From preserving local history to supporting local fisheries, our funding powers the projects that enhance your experience of the Great Sacandaga Lake community.

What is the GSLAC?

enhancing the Great Sacandaga Lake

The Great Sacandaga Lake Advisory Council (GSLAC) administers funds given annually by the Brookfield Renewable power company to support improvement initiatives in the Sacandaga River Basin. Great Sacandaga Lake Enhancement Funds may be used for projects, studies, or services including but not limited to ecosystem restoration or protection, fish stocking, natural resource stewardship, and new recreation resources.

    Great Sacandaga Fisheries

    GSLAC funds protect and improve the lake ecosystem, stock the lake with fish, and improve handicap fishing access.

    Supporting Schools

    GSLAC funds preserve local history and share our regional story through exciting educational initiatives in classrooms and out.

    Send It snowmobiling app

    GSLAC funds enhance safety year-round through innovative projects, water quality testing, and improvements to recreational areas.

    Municipal beach restorations

    GSLAC funds bring the lake to life during the sporting seasons through improvements to municipal beaches and fishing areas.

What is the Great Sacandaga Lake Enhancement Fund?

In 2000, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) established an Offer of Settlement that establishes technical requirements for the operation of the hydro projects on the Hudson and Sacandaga Rivers. Among other things, the Offer of Settlement requires hydro project power owner Brookfield Renewable to provide funding for improvements to the Great Sacandaga Lake. This annual allotment is called the Great Sacandaga Lake Enhancement Fund, and monies distributed from the fund are allocated by majority vote of the GSLAC to be used upstream of the Conklingville Dam.


In the last two decades, this non-profit water resource, wetlands conservation and management organization has funded a wide range of projects – from apps designed to save lives to historical markers designed to save preserve heritage sites.

Our Mission

The Great Sacandaga Lake Advisory Council (GSLAC ) was established in March 2000 to administer monies given annually by the power company to be used to  enhance the environment within the Sacandaga River basin.

Harnessing Nature

Building the Great Sacandaga

In 2017, the Great Sacandaga Lake Advisory Council (GSLAC) released the documentary Harnessing Nature: Building the Great Sacandaga, which chronicles the creation of the Great Sacandaga Lake, New York State’s largest reservoir. The film illustrates the history of the Sacandaga Valley, the reasons for the creation of the reservoir, and the impact on valley residents.

Take Action

GSLAC partners with community leaders from diverse backgrounds who recognize the environmental, historical, and recreational value of the Great Sacandaga Lake. Our projects have been headed up by local historians, technologists, teachers, business leaders, and other people who have a strong desire to make a positive local impact. They’re proud of their community and its natural resources, and they’re willing to invest their time and their resources into making the Great Sacandaga Lake even better.

That sounds just like me! How do I apply for a grant?
Reach Out to the GSLAC to see if Your Project is something we support.
Once Your Project is approved you will receive the funds to do your project. Use them to complete the project.
Get a copy of Our proposal format and create one for your project.
Keep all your receipts, Take Photos and Video of the project being fulfilled.
Once you have submitted your proposal, get on our calendar to present your proposal to the Board of Directors.
Once your project is complete submit a final report with all the expenses incurred, and your photos and video.
Recent projects funded by the GSLAC